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Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement was created to express the way all of our employees treat our customers – with honesty, integrity, and quality. Our technicians respect our customers and their vehicles. If they didn’t, Phil Smith Vehicle Repairs Limited would not employ them!

Our mission is to provide the best automotive service and repair experience that we can, by serving our customers with unparalleled honesty, integrity and quality.

HONESTY - Always telling the truth during the service and repair process, never exaggerate or mislead. Always making recommendations by order of priority so the customer can plan for future service needs.

INTEGRITY – Always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. If we make a mistake, taking immediate steps to correct it.

QUALITY – Always using the best possible equipment, parts, fluids and personnel.

Automotive service and repair should not be difficult or intimidating for anyone and we want to help our customers understand what we are doing and why so that they can make informed decisions – even if it means that we don’t do any service work on their car. We never put money ahead of people.

We want our customers to be well-informed when it comes to their vehicles. We welcome all questions and are happy to answer them all. We know that sometimes you just don’t have the money to fix all your vehicle’s problems. Our customized plan will prioritize the work that needs to be done and we can work with you to get those job completed. Remember – it’s MUCH cheaper to maintain your car than to fix it once it’s broken.

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